We are proud to use and sell the T4E Tactical Training Weapons System and KWA Military-grade AirSoft Equipment to ensure a very realistic experience as you conduct your "Mission."

All of the military-grade training equipment used by XMC Tactical offers five key benefits:

Realistic:  Our Missions include use of Military Grade Training Rifle or Pistol and Ammo; loan of Kevlar helmet, body armor and eye protection; and Mission Brief and training led by Military Veterans.


Modular:  The weapons look, feel and operate just like the real thing.   Fully modular, allowing optics and other accessories to be used on our training weapons.

Accurate:  Whether using rubber balls, powder, paint or AirSoft BBs, our equipment are the very best MILSIM platforms available. 

Flexible:  You will "Train as you fight" with XMC Tactical.  Whether it be an active shooter drill at a school, or a hostage scenario at City Hall, your "Mission" will be realistic, physically and mentally challenging and based on an intense pre-planned scenario.  

Pain Penalty:  With the rubber balls, you and your "battle buddies" will receive a "pain penalty" when hit.  As a result, training becomes more realistic and is taken very serious.  Our systems require ammo control, meaning you must think through every pull of the trigger.  We are NOT the typical "spray and pray" AirSoft!