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XMC Tactical Can Bring a New Kind of FUN  to Your Next Big Event!

Whether it's a Zombie theme party, a church fund-raiser, or a family reunion, the staff of XMC Tactical is ready to bring full-immersion FUN to your next major event!  

While our training equipment is primary used for the serious business of military and law enforcement training, let's be can have a lot of FUN with it too!  XMC Tactical can help turn your birthday celebration, bachelor party or team gathering into a battle of epic proportions!  We can even add our obstacle course, rappel tower or ziplines to the fun! 

If you are really "Mega-Hooah!," you can even go so far as to attend our three-day Ranger Corporate Adventures programs.  We offer the most challenging and rewarding team-building, morale and leadership programs available! 

Please call us at 844-XMC-1776 today to speak to a member of our staff about any of our programs.  We will help you design an incredibly exciting event for you!

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