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Camp Liberty is home to the world renown military summer camp Extreme Military Challenge!

  • Military summer camps for young men and women age 13-18 who are interested in the military.

  • Applicants must be crime-free, drug-free and doing well in school.


  • Summer programs include:

    • Cadet Basic Training (two weeks)​

    • Cadet Field Leader Course (two weeks)

    • Cadet Fitness Challenge (one week)

    • Cadet Medic School (two weeks)

    • Cadet Combat Engineer Course (two weeks)

    • Cadet Ranger School (four weeks)

    • Cadet SCUBA School (one week)

  • Off-season programs include:

    • Cadet Staff Ride Washington, DC (five days)​

    • Cadet Staff Ride New York City (five days)

    • Cadet Tactical Skills Training Course (one week)

    • On-the-Job Training (5-20 days on Spring Break)

  • Our Cadre has over 350 years of military service, representing ALL branches of the Armed Forces.

  • In 2019, young people from 43 states and 17 countries traveled to Camp Liberty for training.

  • Detailed information regarding courses, dates, prices and eligibility can be found at

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