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  • You must sign this waiver (18+) or have a parent/guardian sign (under 18).

  • We are open for walk-ons on Saturdays ONLY. Group events can be arranged on other days of the week or evenings.  

  • Ages 12 to 99 are welcome.

  • We start exactly on time...if you're late, you're wrong.  You will have to wait until the next mission.

  • Safety is always our FIRST priority. Wear long sleeves, trousers and strong shoes or boots.

  • We are brutal about weapons safety standards.  If you act like an idiot, you will be required to leave.  

  • We use very realistic training rifles and pistols.  They hurt. If you plan to train with us, be prepared to "suck it up" if you get hit.

  • Show respect for the cadre, our facility and each other.  Don't be "that guy."

  • All players MUST use our professional equipment.

  • We will train, regardless of the weather. No refunds.  We guarantee you won't melt.

  • Military haircuts, not really, but if we could get away with it, we would...

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