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Camp Liberty, located in Battleground, Alabama, and XMC Tactical, has opened our 4,800 square foot shoot house and 25 acre training field for Professional-level MILSIM Tactical Airsoft / Paintball for a limited time only.  

We are NOT your typical AirSoft / Paintball field:

  • There will only be ONE Mission each Saturday, starting at 1230, for no more than 16 "troops" total. First come, first served. We start exactly on time.

  • Each Mission will have high-stress scenarios designed to fully-immerse you in a realistic and challenging tactical training environment, while accomplishing a clear and "dangerous" objective.

  • You will fight through intense sound and visual effects; among multi-dimensional props designed for realism and to challenge the team; and with scenarios designed to make you think individually and as a unit. Think of it as the a very loud 4,800 square foot Escape Room with rifles, "bad guys" and "no-BS" Sergeants.

  • Your team may be rescuing a "hostage;" recovering "Top Secret" material; or engaged in a brutal firefight with the enemy. Realism, mental and physical challenge, and safety are key to each mission.

  • Teams will receive basic tactical training (stacking, breaching, fire discipline, comms), and be led through the mission, by highly-trained military veterans, most with combat experience.

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